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  • Balanced and Calibrated Injectors - $165.00 Labor (Bosio Italian made injector nozzles are installed for more efficient MPG and increases horsepower and torque.) Bosio Injector Nozzles

  • Reseal Injection Pumps - $350 to $550 AHU/1Z/ALH  (No need to replace your injection pump just because of a leaky seal. We can reseal your injection pump in house and we offer same day turn around! Additional labor may be required if your pump needs to be removed from the vehicle) Bosch parts VS. Chinese parts  

  • Rebuilt Injections Pumps - starting at $895 ALH (Does not include injection quantity solenoid)

  • ECU and DSG Tuning - We offer Malone (KESSv2 and K-Tag services) (Performance ECU tuning for increased MPG, power/performance)

  1. Malone: VE TDI Pricing - Pricing from $199

  2. Malone: PD TDI Pricing - Pricing from $299

  3. Malone: CR TDI Pricing - Pricing from $499 (if the ECU has to be removed; additional $150)

  4. Malone: DSG Pricing - $499 ($70 loading fee)

  5. Immobilizer Delete ​- Starting at $150

  • 01M VW Automatic Updated Valve Body Replacement - $220 Valve Body Labor (Many times the VW 01M transmission can be repaired without a full rebuild; if symptoms are diagnosed early and correctly​)​


**Current Services Offered. we are not accepting any large jobs at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.** 

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